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In 2011, Eiko first collaborated with Los Angeles Education Partnership to bring the-green-heart into high schools across Los Angeles.  Over the past three years, the-green-heart has had sixteen successful installations in high schools.  the-green-heart was redesigned, scaled down and donated all the necessary materials for the students to run the project.  Students were provided with guidelines so they could experience how to run an interactive art installation and what it takes to promote and execute this project as a whole.  the-green-heart was at the heart of student community centers, main entrances, hallways, classrooms, and was run by leadership groups, english and art classes or art clubs.  Eiko encouraged students to execute their vision of the project as a team.  The teams elected the-green-heart ambassadors who led different divisions of the project such as treasury, documentation, journalism and publication.

The response was breathtaking and truly inspiring.  What started out with single sheets of paper ended in classrooms and hallways covered from floor to ceiling with meaningful posts and artwork. The students enjoyed the-green-heart as a safe space to express themselves anonymously.  Reading the experiences and feelings of fellow classmates opened new lines of communication and understanding and new friendships were formed.    

Each school had a different dynamic with and surrounding the-green-heart. In one school students built a stage with footsteps leading up to the wall of posts inviting others to follow the steps to their heart.  Other students designed 50 hand painted t-shirts to promote the-green-heart.  Signs were crafted and placed throughout their campuses to guide peers to the-green-heart.  Murals were painted and gardens were created to give the-green-heart the perfect home.  Students took hand-drawn representations of the-green-heart and carried it around their campus to share it with fellow students, engaging their entire school.  Outdoor activities were organized and family days were scheduled to join the-green-heart movement on campus.  Teachers supported the-green-heart with assignments to inspire their students to write poetry, tell their stories and create artwork.  In one school a special room was dedicated to the-green-heart and students were invited twice a week to relax, to listen to music and to focus on the matters of their hearts.  a student workshop created a green-heart video to be shown on the campus television station.  the-green-heart even provided a backdrop for a student fashion show.

Eiko's site visits were always more than welcomed, and students vividly reported their progress and experience with the project.  At halftime, LAEP hosted our press workshop so that students had the opportunity to learn how to write effective press releases.

The students work, interviews with eiko and the students, the-green-heart walls of various schools with thousands of posts, can be viewed on youtube under Eiko's channel: PetraEiko100.

Photos and posts may be viewed here on our web page or on Facebook.

Curated by Eiko, the heartfelt messages of the students' were displayed in a special exhibition at the Bridge Gallery in Los Angeles City Hall from October through November 2012.

the-green-heart has been invited by the Kiwanis Club to be featured at Duarte High School for the 2013/2014 school year and will be installed in January of 2014. 

the-green-heart student project is an ongoing project and the-green-heart team is excited to extend this project all over the world. 

For any inquiries about the-green-heart project in your school, please contact us.


the-green-heart @ grant high school 2011
the-green-heart @ lincoln high school 2011
the-green-heart @ carson high school 2013
the-green-heart @ san fernando high school 2011
the-green-heart @ duarte high school 2014
the-green-heart @ mount olive high school 2013
the-green-heart @ roosevelt high school 2011
the-green-heart @ ama carson high school spring 2014
the-green-heart @ fremont high school 2014
the-green-heart @ santee education complex 2011
the-green-heart @ carson high school 2012
the-green-heart @ chavez high school 2012
the-green-heart @ roosevelt high school 2012
the-green-heart @ santee education complex 2012
the-green-heart @ esteban e. torres high school 2013
the-green-heart @ grant high school 2012
the-green-heart @ cesar e. chavez learning academies 2013
the-green-heart @ john c. fremont high school 2013
the-green-heart @ grant high school 2014
the-green-heart @ chavez high school 2014
the-green-heart @ ramon c cortines 2014
the-green-heart @ ramon c. cortines 2015
the-green-heart @ ramon c. cortines 2016
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