a story from the heart
A Letter to a Thief (please use that letter, I made one change)
- Simone Kussatz
October 10, 2014

DEAR THIEF, You have stolen my back tire, my saddle and my saddle socket. Not only did you make it difficult for me to get back home for I had to carry my bicycle up the steep stairs to Ocean Park, but it will cost me 150 Dollars to replace those parts. You�ve probably done this to many other people. I contacted the police. They�ll be looking after you. But more than that, you have disturbed my peace that I tried to recreate at Santa Monica Beach, since I couldn�t find it at my home yesterday with noisy and inconsiderate neighbors and due to the general cacophony of city life. I have to work very hard for little money. My bicycle is my only transportation. I won�t get it back till Monday. I don�t have a car. Yesterday, I still had a lot of work to do, which was impossible for me after your behavior. Instead, I felt a need to tell this story over and over again. Luckily, I found kind and compassionate ears. If I�d be you, I would feel ashamed and horrible to do this to an innocent person and would try to return these parts as soon as possible at the Santa Monica Police Office with a letter of apology and come up with better ideas to make a living. Your victim

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