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PETRA EIKO and Red Hen Press are proud to present Heart - the first perfect bound books of the Seeds of Truth series, available in English or German.

Heart is this beautiful apartment-house in the center of our body.  Heart suffers from over-occupancy.  This book is for all of us on an accelerated path with life overlooking the importance of the small ticking energy that beats in our center.  This book explains the International-Blaming-Game, speaks of should-haves and could-haves and of...

The Green Heart

This book is the perfect gift!

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Innovatively crafted, the individual books – Fear, Sex, Power, Heart, Sound, Vision, Wisdom and Is - are all written in the first person.  Each subject engages in a dialogue with the conscious self, inviting the reader to listen in on the conversation.  By giving voice to those aspects of life we all seek to understand, these small but inspiring volumes reveal who we are and how our mind and emotions work.  These eight attractive books come in their own convenient, elegantly designed mobile book case, suitable for any coffee table, guest room, or private library.  User friendly, optimistic, simple without being simplistic, instructive without being didactic, Seeds of Truth is at once life affirming, light hearted and enlightening.

Seeds of Truth

8 booklets named Fear, Sex, Power, Heart, Sound, Vision, Wisdom and Is

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