a story from the heart
the-green-heart @ grant high school 2011
- the-green-heart students

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the-green-heart at Grant High School was a great success.  When we arrived a whole auditorium filled with students awaited the-green-heart team.  The principal opened the project to the whole school.  Mrs. Kommer's art class ran the project and they did an incredible job.  Signs were posted all over the campus inviting fellow students to the room especially assigned to the the-green-heart.

the-green-heart ambassadors opened the doors and welcomed everybody, kept a log of visitors and created a special promotion including the design of 50 the-green-heart t-shirts for the ambassadors to wear around the school to advertise the-green-heart project.  800 posts where collected in no time. Students picked a selection of posts and designed a wonderful  book about the project.

Thank you Grant High School students and special thanks to Ms. Kommers.  It was a pleasure to work with you all.
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