a story from the heart
All Heart - Monika Nemenz - Story 2
- Helga Kollar
November 20, 2009

A valued friend for many years, she is and will always be in my heart.  Quiet rather than demonstrative, she does not talk much about herself or her motives.  She cares deeply about the earth and environment as is evident in what she includes in her own life, how she lives and what she supports.  She is a great example of a one-woman international peace ambassador.  Wherever she travels, this deeply compassionate humanitarian becomes a catalyst, powerfully yet unobtrusively affecting changes for the better in the world around her, true to her mission: “Be the change you want to see.”  In her gentle way she minds her own business and goes about lending a helping hand where she perceives need or where important causes stir her compassion.  Both she and her husband respond generously where they encounter lack, doing much good for the environment and community.  Unselfishly and freely she finds kind words to admire her friends’ artwork and other accomplishments.  She insists that she herself has none of these talents.  In truth, she possesses the most valuable gifts of all – with kindness, deep love, compassion and inner peace she inspires this world to become a better place for all.

© Petra Eiko
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