a story from the heart
tgh @ The Pasadena Playhouse 2014
- the-green-heart
March 23, 2014

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the-green-heart was invited to take residence at The Pasadena Playhouse between March 14. to April.15. We started out at Pasadena Artnight where hundreds of people came to visit the Playhouse. tgh stayed in the Georgia T. McClay Friendship Center through the whole run of Noel Cowards play " The Song of Twilight".  Play night visitors where able to enjoy the-green-heart wall and had the chance to be a co-creator of our art piece by adding to our collage. Our wall was filled with posts that spread all the way up the ceiling in no time. Here you will find the wonerful posts we collected. Please enjoy.

Thank you Pasadena Playhouse for hosting the-green-heart.

© Petra Eiko
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