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- what is in your heart? - the world is listening
March 04, 2010

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What is in your heart? @ ZeroMinusPlus - Darrylynn Kaun

@ Fred Segal in Santa Monica

February - March 2010


This was the first installation of this unique art project of Petra Eiko inviting people to tell us: What is in your heart? – The world is listening.

Within six weeks of the installation, eight hundred people participated in the project telling the world what is in their heart.  This was the beginning of this incredible journey.  The response to our project was amazing and we are very excited about all the expressions we received.  People told stories of their heart, stories of their love, their passions and challenges.  Here please find a selection of the posts.  
Thank you Darrylynn Kaun for hosting our project in your beautiful store, for your support and all your efforts.
Thank you Santa Monica for creating art with me.
Petra Eiko

© Petra Eiko
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