the heart that listens

the-green-heart project:  what is in your heart? – the world is listening.


the-green-heart is asking you: what is in your heart?

Join us to create a monumental artwork of thoughts, ideas and experiences in the form of writing and drawing to promote more understanding among people in the world.  This unique project started in 2010 and thousands of people have anonymously shared what really moves them.  For this project Petra Eiko created a large-scale art piece showing a green-heart that has successfully been installed in several locations throughout California.  the-green-heart invites people of all walks of life to pause for a moment to contemplate on life, love and things that are meaningful to them.  The expressions are then written on a piece of paper and posted on her art piece to be shared with the world.  Posts are later collected and published on our site, on facebook and a special selection are used for further exhibitions.  The project is scheduled to travel to Europe 2014.

Become a part of the-green-heart by sharing the stories of your heart.  You can be a reporter of your heart by just clicking on the “send a story” button on our site.

Enjoy our acknowledgements, travel stories and galleries below.



Thanks to Petra - Story 1
- Doug Campbell
November 07, 2009

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